Sunday, October 19, 2008

Left Wing Hypocrites and Hate Mongers

If the Mainstream Media, aka Ultra-Liberal Propaganda Machine, spent 1/10th of the effort 'vetting' such in-dignitaries as Nadmi Auchi, Antoin 'Tony' Rezko, Franklin Delano Raines, Martin 'Tax Lien' Nesbitt, ACORN, etc, as recently spent demonizing Joe 'The Plumber', NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER VOTE FOR BARAK OBAMA. It seems that The Anointed One randomly selected a guy from the crowd at a rally (an obvious Republican plant) and asked him if he had any questions. Since then, Joe 'The Plumber' has been microscopically examined by every Tom, Dick and Harriet that has ever had any aspiration to become a 'journalist'. What a bunch of hypocrites. The messenger has been shot, but the message is alive and well: Obama is a Marxist, intent on the redistribution of America's wealth. He said so himself, live, on camera. The same group of 'journalists' had just returned from Alaska where they bull-dozed every square inch of Seward's Folly looking for even the most minutia of slime to tar Sarah Palin with. The viciousness and hatefulness of these Left Wing zealots is nothing less than atrocious and the main stream talking heads can't wait to get their hands on anything that will make any conservative look evil. What hath God wrought? Poor ol' Joe 'The Plumber' questions the rationality of a tax increase and the next day he is deluged with so-called reporters camped out in front of his house. Has anyone ever even seen Antoin 'Tony' Rezko's picture on CBS, ABC or NBC? No. Why? Because he is a dark-skinned Syrian born Chicago slumlord criminal, whose wife recently purchased the adjoining property of Obama's $1.6 million mansion, on the same day as the Obama purchase. Has anyone ever heard of Nadhmi Auchi? Does anyone know that he is an Iraqi National Baathist Party BILLIONAIRE CRIMINAL now living in London, who 'loaned' Tony Rezko $3.5 million 3 weeks prior to his wife's purchase of the $625,000 adjoining lot to the Obama property? Not many. Does anyone also know that Nadhmi Auchi owns a large stake in the Chicago South Loop Roosevelt Street Redevelopment Project worth $170 million? Probably not, but everybody and their brother now knows that poor ol' Joe The Plumber has a tax lien on his property. Well FYI, so does Martin Nesbitt, Obama's Campaign Treasurer (and former Chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority). Yep. The mainstream media is biased against white people. Furthermore, the hypocrites have no room for shame, because they are full of guile. Take for instance the recent endorsement of The One by Gen. Powell. When Powell was Secretary of State under the Bush Administration, he was ridiculed and pilloried as an 'Uncle Tom', a Bush puppet, liar, etc, but let him endorse Caesar Barakus Obamus and all is forgiven and he has now fallen into the good graces of the Network Propaganda Newspeak Wonks. When all is said and done and after the parading of the New Left Black Poster Child on all the Networks, it should become apparent to even the most naive political observer that the Obama Campaign desperately need a highly respected 'conservative' member of the black community to go on record for Obama. Cynical? Hardly. However, I can't fault Gen Powell for jockeying for a position within the Obama Administration. He has learned enough about politics to know that one must necessarily grovel before the feet of the Anointed One before applying for a job. I admit my disappointment in Gen Powell, who has served his Country with much dignity and honor.

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