Sunday, June 29, 2008

Exit Stategy

Good thing the Liberals weren't around to require Eisenhower to have an exit strategy before D-Day. I wonder if Iran was concerned about their exit strategy before sending Hezbollah to Lebanon and I'm certain that the Communist muckitty-mucks in China were dependent on an exit strategy before occupying Tibet.

What ever happened to the Chicken Hawk?

Remember the ol' tried and true Ultra-Liberal straw man smear that became known as the "Chicken Hawk"? The false premise was that since Bush had never been in combat that he had no right to start a war in Iraq. The implication of that argument is that NO ONE would be qualified to be President of the United States, hence Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces, unless he/she was a combat veteran. That would narrow down the candidate pool a little. It would be like saying that if you have never been a policeman, you have no right to call the cops, or that if you have never been a fireman, you have no right to ask a brave firefighter to run into a burning building to rescue a loved one. Since no one, even the most radical Leftist, would dare call a decorated war hero and former POW a 'Chicken Hawk', they do the next best thing: Find an incompetent retired General (Wesley Clark) to denigrate John McCain's honorable service to his Country and declare that he doesn't have any real experience to be Commander-in-Chief. The term gall is insufficient. Shutzpa is better. As if Barry Hussein Obama is qualified for anything other than the poster child for Affirmative Action.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Kos Hate Speech

If anyone doesn't believe that the left-wing of the Democratic Party is hateful and mean-spirited, just take a look at the narrow minded Banshees on the Daily Kos website. What a bunch of fascists. They certainly do not believe in free speech nor the honest exchange of ideas. They seem to thrive as the new "Mutual Admiration Society" and I've heard rumors that several members have actually broken their arms in a vain attempt to pat themselves on the back.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Global Warming Fraud

Once again, the Chicken Littles of the Climate Change Hysteria Group prove to be WRONG AGAIN. After several years of screeching about the melting Polar Ice Cap due to man made Global Warming, a group of scientists discover recent volcanic activity under the Polar Ice Cap. DO YOU THINK THAT A FEW THOUSAND DEGREES MIGHT MELT A LITTLE ICE?



Move over Barry Hussein Obama, Nacy Pelosi has recently declared her title as WORLD SAVIOUR recently when interviewed by John Guzzi at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor: "But I did for it because, again, we have our choices to make and I viewed my role as saving the world, the House, the Congress, from the Senate bill, and the Protect America Act, the Administration’s bill. But it isn’t the bill I would have written.”

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eleanor Roosevelt Endorses Obama from Grave

*Newsflash* from More Bad News Broadcasting Network

Just in:

Eleanor Roosevelt, not to be outdone by Al Gore's recent endorsement of Barry Hussein Obama, spoke to Hillary via fireside evening chat and asked her to convey her endorsement of Barry Hussein Obama. Mrs. Roosevelt also indicated that she would be relocating to Chicago in the near future in order to vote for him.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why I am not a Liberal nor a Democrat

1. I, unlike many others such as Noam Chomsky, John Kerry, et al, have come to grips with the fact that I was wrong about the War in Viet Nam.

2. That, no matter what the context, the end result of any abortion is the deliberate killing of an innocent human being whose right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" will never be realized. I can not understand how anyone can be anti-capital punishment, that is to say that killing a convicted murderer by execution, yet support a woman's right to pay a doctor (Hipprocratic Oath notwithstanding) to brutally butcher a developing innocent human infant. History will surely look back on these abortion years as truly barbaric.

3. I have learned that most "Liberals" are not actually liberal at all, but intolerant of others views, hateful and mean-spirited and that the assertion of this very description of conservatives is quite the opposite. Conservatives are much more tolerant and charitable.

4. The biggest political mistake I ever made was voting for Jimmy Carter, who, in my humble opinion, was the worst President in the 20th Century, bar none. I lived through those years during his administration as interest rates soared to over 20%, the National unemployment average was 7.9% (13% in my home state of Pennsylvania) and to his bungling capitulation to the Muslim Extremists who over ran our Embassy in Tehran. The Carter Administration effort to enact the "Windfall Profits" Tax on American oil companies because OPEC controlled the flow of oil was patently absurd just as it will be currently as some Democrats are calling for. It solved nothing and not only did not improve our energy resources, but in fact made them worse. He also gutted our military and turned the CIA into the Keystone Cops.

5. I think that the turning point for me was when I saw Ronald Reagan on world wide television, challenging the head of Soviet Russia, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall." I honestly believe that the stunning collapse of the former Soviet Union was brought about through the vision and determination of Mr. Reagan's efforts.

6. I am not as articulate nor as educated as some bloggers on this website and I am not a student of Archaeology, Paleontology nor am I a Physicist or an Astronomer. I do not know how old the Earth is. I do believe that the Plant Earth is capable of sustaining human life indefinitely and that the planet has a remarkable ability to recover from disasters whether caused by humans or natural causes. While oil spills like Exxon Valdez and the spill in Santa Barbara in 1969 were indeed unfortunate and regrettable, they did not cause any permanent damage to the planet. The Earth has similarly survived the tremendous impacts of gigantic asteroids and/or comets, (don't know which since I wasn't there) as evidenced by the large craters found in the middle of Arizona and in Latin America. Volcanic eruptions such as Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt Vesuvius, etc, expelled millions of tons of harmful pollution, yet the plant survived. I nearly forgot to include how many forest fires there are each year around the World. What I find truly astonishing is that most 'global warmers' roll out a long list of man made causes for the perceived warming of the planet, but seem to ignore the tremendous impact of the largest nuclear reactor in the our Solar System, the Sun. I suspect that sun spots and solar winds have more to do with the change in Earth temperature than anything else and is also a phenomenon over which we are totally powerless. I have yet to talk to anyone who can tell me exactly how much polar ice is going to melt if the average polar temperature is -15 degrees F and Global Warming causes the temperature to rise by 1 degree. The fact is there has only been a variation of 0.6C and 0.8C over the last Century. It is interesting to note that what began as 'Global Warming' is inexplicably referred to now as 'Climate Change'. Incidentally, the Earth's atmosphere is composed of 0.037% carbon dioxide. If you look at any map, you can't miss a very large land mass in the northern hemisphere near the top of the Atlantic Ocean named Greenland, but it is not green at all, it is white since it is covered with ice and snow. How long has it been since Greenland was in fact green? Doesn't it seem likely that the planet was much warmer when Greenland was green instead of white? I believe that the global warming alarmists are nothing more than the fear mongering Chicken Littles of the 21st Century and that people like Al Gore have used the issue as a basis to become filthy rich. Talk about obscene profits.

7. The so called ‘Environmentalists’ of today are nothing more than Neo-Communists. For anyone to blame the Bush Administration for sky rocketing fuel prices is either deliberately dis-honest or incredibly clueless. The top 3 Democrats (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barak Obama) have repeatedly blocked any effort to enhance our energy reserves since 2006. Does anyone honestly believe that by drilling for oil in the ANWAR is going to significantly affect any wildlife? The Bush Administration is asking for exploration of about 2,000 acres of land out of 19 million total acres, less than 2%. Does anyone really believe that this is a 'pristine’ wildlife refuge to be off limits for critical modern oil extraction? How many people do you know that have recently return from a vacation in ANWAR and told you how breathtakingly beautiful it is? I doubt that there are more than a eager handful of Caribou in the area, maybe a polar bear or 2 and about 10 million deer flies who seem to be able to thrive in that environment. The untold reality of the Alaska Pipeline is that wildlife have flourished near the pipeline, since the oil needs to be heated in order to pump it through the pipeline and in effect creates a haven of warmth for the local wildlife. Less than 2% of the total Reserve acreage. Has anybody heard on the nightly news that the inconvenient truth of the hypocrite Al Gore has an 8 bathroom mansion in Tennessee that used 221,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in the last year, enough to support 20 normal homes? The environmental Czar seems to believe that that he, self anointed Savior of Mankind is not subject to the same rules that apply to the rest of us foolish peasants. Newspeak version of freedom of choice means freedom to choose between the bus or light rail.

8. Finally, so that the 2 people who actually read this don't become totally bored with my confessional, I want to state that I do believe that there is a Divine Being, whom I, for lack of a better term call GOD. My understanding of what is known as the Christian Bible is this: In the Beginning GOD created the Big Bang and the rest, as they say, is history.

If Obama gets elected as President, I'm moving in with Susan Sarandon.