Sunday, June 29, 2008

What ever happened to the Chicken Hawk?

Remember the ol' tried and true Ultra-Liberal straw man smear that became known as the "Chicken Hawk"? The false premise was that since Bush had never been in combat that he had no right to start a war in Iraq. The implication of that argument is that NO ONE would be qualified to be President of the United States, hence Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces, unless he/she was a combat veteran. That would narrow down the candidate pool a little. It would be like saying that if you have never been a policeman, you have no right to call the cops, or that if you have never been a fireman, you have no right to ask a brave firefighter to run into a burning building to rescue a loved one. Since no one, even the most radical Leftist, would dare call a decorated war hero and former POW a 'Chicken Hawk', they do the next best thing: Find an incompetent retired General (Wesley Clark) to denigrate John McCain's honorable service to his Country and declare that he doesn't have any real experience to be Commander-in-Chief. The term gall is insufficient. Shutzpa is better. As if Barry Hussein Obama is qualified for anything other than the poster child for Affirmative Action.

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