Monday, September 29, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Strikes Again

It seems that Speaker of the House Nancy "I'm Totally Clueless" Pelosi recently declared on TV that, "I'm trying to save the Planet." A noble endeavor no doubt. However, it must be asking too much to expect her to "Save the US" from economic collapse. Following her rant of disparaging remarks concerning the Bush Administration in particular and Republicans in general, the House failed to ratify a plan to rescue failing financial institutions that Congress helped create. Even the most amateur student of the US Constitution knows that the "power of the purse strings" resides entirely in the United States Congress. That is to say that only the Congress has the power to raise taxes and pay Federal Government obligations. So how is it that everything bad in America is the result of 8 years of failed Bush Administration Policies? President Bush can't levy taxes, nor can he spend one dime of taxpayer money on his own, he doesn't have the authority. The God awful truth is that if the Speaker of the House really wanted to pass legislation to rescue floundering Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from total disaster, she would encourage all Democrat Representatives to back the legislation. The final vote tally was 140 Democrats 'yea' and 95 Democrats 'nay'. That would total 235 Democrat votes versus 198 Republican votes and the bill would pass by virtue of a simple majority, not to mention the fact that 133 Republicans voted 'yea'. She can't even control her own party, but insists that it is George Bush who is at fault for all that ails us. It is my opinion that Speaker Pelosi does not want the bill to pass. I believe that the Ultra-Liberal Democrats want to see the US economy collapse so that Bush and Republicans can be blamed and to fulfill their misguided manifest destiny delusion of winning the White House in November via Barak Hussein Obama (the crook from Chicago). This is how demented the Ultra-Liberal Wing of the Democrat Party has become.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jesus was not a 'community organizer'

It seems that Democrats Steve Cohen and Donna Brazile know little about the Bible in general and the New Testament in particular. Jesus is described by many attributes, but community organizer is not one of them. He was a carpenter, a rabbi(teacher), prophet, healer, miracle worker and Son of God. At age 12, Jesus was remembered to astound the great Jewish teachers of his time with his knowledge and understanding Jewish Scriptures, I have never read about Mr. Obama even asking one question of his religious leaders, let alone impress anyone with his knowledge of Scripture. I have yet to read any accounts of Mr.Obama healing the lame or raising the dead. What is really pathetic about this silly notion is that not only do Cohen and Brazile reveal their total ignorance of the Christian religion, but also that the throngs of Obama supporters who have echoed this absurd banter have revealed about themselves as well. One would do well to note that the father of Mr. Obama is a Muslim ne'er-do-well and that the Father of Jesus is God Almighty.

Pontius Pilate held the Title of Prefect of Judaea sometimes referred to as 'Procurator', who was appointed by the Roman Government and certainly did not hold his office by virtue of a free democratic election. It also should be noted that while Pilate could be defined as a governor, after his interrogation of Jesus at the behest of Jewish religious leaders, he declared, "I find no fault with this man". I seriously doubt that the same can be said of Mr. Obama.