Saturday, October 11, 2008

Democrat Voter Bribery?

There is no depth to which the Democrat Party will stoop to win an election. In the United States, it is illegal to pay a citizen to vote in an election, however, the Democrats will not be intimidated by rules or laws. It has now been reported in the Drudge Report (10-11-08) that the Democrat Leaders of Congress, namely Nancy "I'm Totally Clueless" Pelosi and Harry "Nobody Knows What To Do" Reid, plan to entice voters in the coming November election. The latest reports tell of the Democrats' call to convene Congress immediately after the election in order to enact an additional "stimulus" package of $150 billion. The package would include extended unemployment benefits, food stamps and a tax rebate to be paid for with a Windfall Profits Tax on Oil. Of course the Democrats would need a veto proof Congress to do so. In other words the Democrats have now gone on the record of promising money to U.S. citizens if they vote in Democrat candidates this November. Sounds like bribery to me. The sad part is that the Democrats are not ashamed enough to make even a thinly veiled attempt to hide their gall because they have no shame. The Democrats now fall into the category of being beneath contempt. Jail would be too good for them. However, they would be in good company: convicted voter registration fraud members of ACORN who received $800,000 from the Obama Campaign. The Genuine Shutzpah Award belongs to the Obama Campaign, though, since campaign managers are already 'negotiating' with Democratic leaders concerning HIS Presidential 'stimulus' package.

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